It was established in 1995 to the aim of serving the needs of patients by serving the Orthopedics and Physical Therapy Centers. The company is continuing as both manufacturer and importer to the business of commercial that had begun with the activity of importing neoprene fabric since 1998.

Today, it continues to serve the whole world by producing approximately %95 of its products of catalog in its own facilities. With R & D activities, it improves existing products and adds new product types by following the latest developments and technology.

ABC Tıp Sağlık, manufactures and markets healthcare products in different sectors like Textile (knitted and neoprene), Metal (wheelchair, walker, etc.), Silicone, Varicose stocking, orthopedic Pillow group. Thanks to the variety of products; Orthopedics, Orthopedics of Children, Physical Therapy, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Stores, Medical markets; It also serves Sports complexes, Sports stores and, Orthosis Prosthetic Workshops.

In addition to its domestic activities, exports the products to 3 continents, Europe, Germany and 26 other countries like that in the World and protects the leadership on exporting.

The success of our company's background is loaded with power, giving us the power for the future. It is a fact that we have achieved this success, hope, and power, with our business partners who have been walking with us since our establishment. We are confident that on the way to success, day by day we are walking and growing together.
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Our vision is to deliver our services all over the world for light the lives of elderly and disabled people and to improve their quality of life by following the new technology in the field of health with quality and affordable prices.


Our mission is, in the field of health product manufacturing and marketing since 1995, to provide high-quality products and services focused on the satisfaction of health personnel, patient and patient relatives by following scientific and technological developments.

(ISO 9001 – ISO 13485 – ISO 14001 – ISO 27001 – BSCI)

Our company respects local values; while fulfilling the requirements of national and international law that is open to universal values, making customer satisfaction permanent by facilitating the lives of its consumers with its products; by fulfilling the applicable conditions with production technique and technology; aims to continuously improve the self-development of its employees.

We are against all kinds of discrimination, forced labor, employment of children and workers without insurance, with the idea of "We love the created, because of the Creator"; We expect all our employees to react at the highest level in these matters. We also undertake that all social rights and freedoms will be fully met if there are Young Workers among our employees.

We always aim to pay our employees fair wages and livable standards, and to provide them with a better quality of life under current conditions.

We will adopt all occupational health and safety rules during the production phase and be the protector of the health and safety of our employees. We will make great efforts to minimize work accidents and occupational diseases by saying everything is for people.

Access to all kinds of suggestions and complaints of our employees; We will guarantee that they have the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Nature is not a material to be consumed; We see it as a legacy to be preserved, developed and left to future generations. In this direction, while we strive to reduce pollution every day, we will also look for ways to use resources efficiently.

Bribery and corruption will not be allowed within the company's activities and employees will not be forgiven in this regard.

While managing our information assets, which have become more important with the development of information technologies, we undertake to take all measures to ensure that they are not lost, to be accessible as needed and permitted, and to work in line with legal practices so that the information entrusted by our stakeholders is not leaked.